Experiencing the Lords Joy in Parenting

Has life become mundane, boring, busy and stressful? Do you feel like you’re living a life that’s different from what you thought it would be? Do Parentingyou feel like the days drag on but the years fly by and you’re still stuck in the same place? Do you feel stuck in your job and relationships? Do you feel like that fire for Jesus that once was there is barely even lit anymore and you are just surviving? You wonder where that joy has gone and how you felt when you first allowed the Lord’s love to consume you. How do you get back to that and have that camp high all the time? How do you do that when you have bills to pay and children to transport from one place to another. I guess the big question is how do you not allow the responsibilities of life to get in between you and God. I feel like as a college student who fell in love with Jesus, it was so much easier to live a passionate life for him than it is now with all the responsibilities of having a family.

I wonder where my passion went and why I am doing all the things I’m doing. I feel tired and drained and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I want that first love back and I bet you do too. I definitely still feel a little stuck but the the Lord is changing me and I believe that on the other side of this trial in my walk with the Lord, I will have that joy back. What I am doing is trying to find things that I really love doing that bring me joy. I’m choosing activities because I want to not out of obligation. I am getting outdoors and hiking and experiencing the Lord through his creation and taking my children with me.

We can get so stuck in our routines and all the things that need to get done and not take the time to just enjoy the Lords beauty and our family. I’m taking some time for myself to go to the gym and work out. I am choosing Bible studies that really excite me and doing them because they’re fun not because I feel like I have to. I am turning to resources like Study Bibles to learn. I’m making goals for myself that I am excited about that I can only accomplish through Jesus. I feel like having a big goal for the year has really helped me get out of the mundane and experience God in a new way. I’m allowing myself to be real with Jesus and not hide the fact that I felt stuck in my relationship with Him. Admitting your stuck is the first step in the right direction. I want more out of my walk with Jesus and I’m sure you do too. If you feel stuck in the responsibilities of life, make a goal and try something new that you have to rely on Jesus for.